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Why You Need Your Landline Phone

You may have considered eliminating your home telephone and replacing it with a cell phone or Internet-based system such as a digital phone or VoIP.

Think twice before you make that move, since a landline phone is the most reliable device on the market today and offers these valuable advantages:

  • Provides security in an emergency with reliable 911 communications.
  • Gives you superior sound quality and clarity.
  • Works even during an electrical outage.
  • Eliminates need to charge batteries.
  • Provides unlimited local calling.
  • Never drops your calls.
  • Can’t be hacked.
  • Saves you money when you bundle services.
  • Provides you with a directory listing.

For an excellent value, ask about our home phone plan that combines unlimited local and long distance calling. Call (319) 342-3369.

Make A Corded Phone Part Of Your Storm Plan

When bad weather hits, will your family be prepared? Severe storms and heavy winds can easily disrupt electrical service. Or a power outage could occur for other reasons. One item to be sure and have on hand is a corded landline phone, since it does not require electricity and could be your backup method of communication during and after a storm.

It’s important for you to know:

  • Cordless phones require electricity and will not continue to work during a power outage.
  • Cellular systems and towers are not required to provide backup power, so cell phones may not operate during a power outage either.

For safety’s sake, LPC Connect urges you to always have at least one corded phone in your home.

For more information about the importance of having a corded phone call us at (319)342-3369.

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