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History of LPC Connect

LPC Connect is proud to have served La Porte City for over 100 years and Mt. Auburn for over 50 years. We have fostered local growth and economic development through advancements in telecommunications technology.
1907 – La Porte City Farmers Mutual Telephone Co. was incorporated.

  • Rural service was $1.00 per month and there were 18-20 parties per line

1918 – Total expenses for the year amounted to $12,094.69.

  • $117.25 for blacksmithing
  • $501.44 was for horse feed

1919 – Horses were sold for $146.00 and truck was purchased for $849.75.

  • Wages paid to telephone operators were $3249.85.

1920 – Taxes paid were $314.01
1979 – Taxes paid $93,160.78
1940 – Total subscriber count of 394 city phones and 465 rural phones.
1959 – Dial service was initiated in La Porte City.

  • Mount Auburn exchange was acquired and also converted to a dial service.
  • The total cost of those improvements were $312,500.00.

1967 – Rural service was improved to 4 subscribers on each line.

  • $90,833.72 was invested in underground cable at that time.

1971 – There were a total of 1915 telephones in service in La Porte City and Mt. Auburn.
1985 – The goal of private service to all customers was completed.

  • No more party lines.

1987 – LPC Connect moved to a new office on Main Street.
1989 – Constructed a fiber optic cable to INS that resulted in Equal Access to Long Distance Carriers for our customers.
1993 – LPC Connect begins offering Internet to customers.
1999 – Extended Area Service (toll-free calling) to Waterloo was established.
2001 – LPC Connect offers LPC Long Distance to our customers.
2011 – LPC Connect began construction on the 100% fiber-optic Fusion Network in La Porte City, Iowa.
2012 – LPC Connect completed the Fusion Network with fiber-optic services to all homes and businesses in La Porte City, Iowa.
2012 – LPC Connect launches FusionTV, a digital television service, to customers with fiber-to-the-home.
2013 – LPC Connect upgraded all rural locations to 100% fiber-optic Fusion Network.

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