Your Favorite Channels + Streaming Convenience

Welcome to the latest in television service from LPC Connect — FusionTV+.

We took what you loved about our traditional FusionTV and made it even better with the “plus” of streaming’s enhanced features and user experience.

With FusionTV+, you’ll have access to your favorite broadcast and cable channels along with additional entertainment options and the flexibility to watch on your TV or other devices.

FusionTV from LPC Connect
FusionTV from LPC Connect

Save more with FusionTV+

No Fees for HD Content

If we have the channel in HD, we give it to you in HD at no additional cost.

No Fees for Basic Cloud DVR Service

FusionTV+ includes a basic Cloud DVR giving you access to 100GB of space to record your shows and watch within 14 days.

No Equipment Fees

FusionTV+ is designed to work on the devices you already have and know at home. That means there’s one less piece of equipment hooked up to your TV, no new navigation system to learn, and no add-on monthly equipment rental fees for additional TVs.

No Installation Fees

Eliminate the scheduling, waiting, and inconvenience of a technician appointment. After activating the service, download the FusionTV+ app and install it on the devices in your home.

Professional Installation Available

Need a little extra help? Ask us about our professional installation. Our technicians will come to your home and help you connect your mobile phones, tablets, FireTV, ROKU and AppleTVs to our new streaming TV service.

Enjoy more with FusionTV+

Watch on Many Devices

You can watch FusionTV+ using internet-enabled streaming devices you probably already have connected to your TVs at home — such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku. You can also watch FusionTV+ on a tablet or smartphone.

Don’t Miss a Thing with Restart TV*

Miss the first 10 minutes of the news? No worries. With the Restart TV feature of FusionTV+, you can restart the program from the beginning on many channels. Restart TV also allows you to pause and rewind live TV.

FusionTV+ Pricing

FusionTV+ is available to LPC Connect internet subscribers. Choose your package below, and remember there are no additional equipment fees, no HD fees, and no installation fees to worry about! Each plan includes three streams of video and six devices for viewing FusionTV+.

FusionTV+ from LPC Connect

Whole-Home Cloud DVR

  • $9.95 – 250GB storage + two streams of recording
  • $12.95 – 250 GB storage + four streams of recording
  • $19.95 – 500 GB storage + 10 streams of recording
Learn more about Whole-Home Cloud DVR

Whole Home DVR

Whole Home DVR

Enjoy the freedom to record and watch programs in multiple rooms with FusionTV’s Whole-Home Cloud DVR.

With Whole-Home CDVR (Cloud Digital Video Recorder) service, it’s quick and easy to automatically record an episode or a whole season and watch it at your convenience. You can view DVR recordings using any networked set-top box in your home, and even finish watching a recorded program in one room that was started in another. DVR until your heart’s content!

  • Record up to 10 programs at once
  • Never lose your recordings to failed equipment or power outage*
  • Save time by fast-forwarding through recorded programming that doesn’t interest you

Whole-Home CDVR Pricing
$9.95 – 250GB storage + 2 streams of recording
$12.95 – 250 GB storage + 4 streams of recording – BEST VALUE!
$19.95 – 500 GB storage + 10 streams of recording

FusionTV+ Whole-Home CDVR allows you to watch TV on your terms with a touch of a button. It doesn’t matter what time your program actually airs. Record it and watch when it’s convenient for you. With your CDVR, you control the TV schedule.

Whole-Home CDVR to your account today by calling 319-342-3369.

Additional Devices and Streams

$3.00 per month for each additional stream

$3.00 per month for each additional 2 devices

Premium Movie Channels

  • Starz! Super Pak – $12.00
  • Showtime – $10.99
  • HBO – $18.00
  • Cinemax – $16.00
FusionTV+ from LPC Connect
FusionTV+ from LPC Connect

Recommended Devices

FusionTV+ doesn’t require special equipment or installation. Choose from the recommended devices below — chances are you already own one or more! Check here for compatible devices.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Smartphones and Tablets

Get started with FusionTV+

Call LPC Connect at 319-342-3369 to activate FusionTV+. Download the FusionTV+ app for your streaming media devices and the MyTVs app for your smartphone. LPC Connect will provide you with the Login and Passphrase to activate your FusionTV+ devices.

FusionTV+ User Guides

FusionTV+ Q&A

How much does FusionTV+ cost?
  • Local Plus Package – 25+ Channels – $57/month
  • Premier Package – 110+ Channels – $138/month


Can additional streams be purchased?
Additional streams may be purchased for FusionTV+ access on additional TV’s or devices. The cost is $3.00 per month for per stream.
If I currently have FusionTV service from LPC Connect, can I also have streaming services?
Customers who currently have traditional FusionTV video service with set top boxes can switch to FusionTV+. Contact customer service at (319) 342-3369 for more information.
Is internet service required? What are the minimum requirements for an optimal streaming experience?
FusionTV+ service requires internet service from LPC Connect. We recommend our 300/300 package.
Can I use this service on any device?
FusionTV+ service is available on Amazon Fire Stick devices (Not Fire TV or Stick Lite devices), Apple TV, Roku, tablets, or mobile device. FusionTV+ programming only works on the LPC Connect network. Mobile device viewing requires MyTVs application. Customers must be enrolled for streaming service for FusionTV+ to view on any device.

FusionTV+ Supported Devices:


  • Express 3900X
  • Premiere 3920X
  • Streaming Stick 3810X
  • Ultra 4640X
  • Roku 4 4400X

Amazon Fire TV

  • Stick Gen2
  • Fire TV Gen3
  • Stick 4K
  • Fire Cube Gen2
  • Fire TV Stick 4K

Apple TV

  • Gen 4

*Newer Models of the listed devices and Smart TVs equipped with Amazon, Roku, or AppleTV software may work in most cases but are not guaranteed.

Is my channel lineup the same?
FusionTV+ channel lineups are almost identical to our traditional FusionTV set-top box service. Most major networks are available on FusionTV+ lineups, with the exception of Viacom and Pay-Per-View channels.
I need help setting up my device.
Amazon Fire TV Support – Get help setting up and troubleshooting issues with Fire TV devices. https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_device_cat_Fire_TV?nodeId=GHH5TUHA7677G4HJ

Apple TV Support – Get help setting up and troubleshooting issues with Apple TV device. https://support.apple.com/apple-tv

Roku Support – Get help setting up and troubleshooting issues with Roku devices. https://support.roku.com/category/115001360548

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