FusionTV Accessibility

Guide Assistance & Audible Support Information

LPC Connect provides products and services upon request to help customers with visual impairments and disabilities to use their equipment more easily.

We offer an application for your wireless device that is called “MyTV”. “MyTV” includes features that audibly describe on-screen menu functions and offers easy to access closed-captioning capabilities through the functions available on your wireless device. The application is available to customers through their device application store.

MyTV will audibly access these essential functions:

  • Channel/Program Selection
  • Configuration – Setup
  • Configuration – CC Options
  • Configuration – CC Control
  • Configuration – Video Description Control
  • Display Configuration Info
  • Display Channel/Program Information
  • Input Selection
  • Playback Functions

Additionally, these functions are made available:

  • Power On/Off
  • Volume Adjust/Mute
  • Closed-Captioning

For more information or to request accessible products and services, please contact us at:

Chris Hopp
LPC Connect
PO Box 185
La Porte City, Iowa 50651
Phone: (319) 342-3369

Other information about FusionTV accessibility through our MyTV app can be found here: MyTVs Application User Guide

Effective March 10, 2020

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